Employee appreciation is essential for boosting workplace morale and lowering turnover. In fact, 36% of employees say a lack of recognition is the number one reason they leave their job. Here are five ways to show your employees you appreciate them.

  1. Thank Them on Social Media

Nearly everyone is on social media these days, and there’s a good chance that many friends, colleagues and family members will see content that’s posted about an employee. This makes it a great resource for showing someone how much you appreciate them. Some ideas include creating a post about a recent contribution they made to your company, service anniversaries or their birthday.

  1. Give Awards to Teams that Excel

A technique that employee scheduling and hiring software Homebase uses is presenting the accomplishments each team within their company has made during a particular month (marketing, support, sales, etc.). Then everyone votes which team had the biggest impact, and that team receives an award such as gift cards, free gas or tickets to a local sporting event.

  1. Reward Employees That Go Above and Beyond

Besides rewarding teams, you can also reward individual employees for exceeding expectations. Maybe a sales rep went well beyond their sales quota for the month. You might give them free movie tickets, a car wash or the day off. This guide from SnackNation offers 121 ideas for creatively rewarding your staff. 

  1. Treat Employees to Great Food 

Who doesn’t love a good meal with delicious food? This is a universal crowd pleaser and another way to show your employees you appreciate them. For this, you might send an employee, a team, or if your budget calls for it, your entire workforce to one of the top restaurants in your area.

  1. Create a Wall of Fame

Finally, you can devote a section of a wall to featuring your top employees from month to month. A “wall of fame” is a great way to show your appreciation and is a constant reminder that your staff does a great job. And with any luck, this will provide extra motivation for other team members to give it their all.

A lack of recognition is one of the main reasons for high turnover among today’s companies. But making employee appreciation a focal point by using these ideas should make your staff feel more valued and raise morale.

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