A big part of effective onboarding is getting new hires integrated into your company culture. Doing so puts employees in a position to fit in and thrive. Here are some techniques to streamline this process as much as possible.

Begin Onboarding in Advance

The more new hires know before showing up the first day, the easier it should be for them to make the transition and get started on the right foot. It’s also huge for alleviating any anxiety they may have when acclimating to their new work environment.

For starters you can inject a bit of your culture into the job offer letter. “Think of what’s typically a boring letter as an opportunity to further communicate your company’s culture,” writes BambooHR. “Customize it to make it feel authentic with language that represents your values and gives new hires a taste of what’s to come.”

It’s also nice to provide them with any materials that explain what your company culture is like. For instance, you might send links to the “about us” page on your website, social media accounts, blog and so on.

Share Your Company’s Philosophy, Mission, Vision and Goals

During onboarding, you’ll want to get new employees up to speed on key contributors to your company culture. This lets them know right off the bat what it will be like working for you and the specific traits and characteristics you value in an employee. As a result, new hires should be able to fit in more easily and be better able to relate to their co-workers.

Explain What Makes You Different Than Competitors

Another effective way to emphasize company culture is to explain the differences between your company and the top competitors in your industry. For example, a competitor may promote an independent working style where everyone does their own thing, while you may promote a team-based culture that values collaboration.

Encourage Feedback

Transitioning into a new job can be a little overwhelming for even the best and brightest employees. And you can bet that most will have plenty of questions. Encouraging feedback and making it easy for new employees to find answers to their questions should make things go smoother so they’re fully integrated in less time.

Hiring employees that are a cultural fit is incredibly important and a big part of retaining talent long term. Following these tips should help new hires fit in quicker and be a key part of your team.

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