Recruiting talented employees who not only possess the right skill set but fit into your company is absolutely critical. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Entrepreneur, investor and author, Alan Hall came up with seven specific categories employers should focus on when recruiting, which he calls “the seven Cs.” Let’s take a look at these categories and discuss how they can help you find the best new hires.

  1. Competent

This simply calls for a candidate to possess the right skill set, experience and education for the job. In other words, they have a proven background that suggests they have what it takes to succeed in a given position.

  1. Capable

Hall explains that being capable means a person will do more than just the bare minimum and put forth maximum effort to exceed expectations. They’ll go above and beyond and are willing to take on new challenges and increase their level of responsibility.

  1. Compatible

This focuses on the communication and relationship aspect of a job. A qualified candidate will be able to get along well with managers, co-workers, customers and clients. They’ll be able to adapt harmoniously to their environment and not create unnecessary friction. 

  1. Commitment

Turnover is a major issue for many companies and can be quite expensive. Research has even found replacing a salaried employee typically costs six to nine months of salary on average. Therefore, it’s vital to choose candidates who are committed to your business and want to stick with you for the long haul. 

  1. Character

Some specific elements of good character, Hall says, include honesty, telling the truth and following through with promises. Beyond that, it’s important for an employee to be humble, respectful, loyal and compassionate.

  1. Culture

Every company has its own unique philosophy, mission, values and general way of doing things. Ideally, you want to select talent who align your culture and won’t be a disruption.

  1. Compensation

Finally, you need to be on the same page in terms of earnings. You certainly don’t want an employee to feel dissatisfied or underappreciated by earning less than they expect, as this can hurt their productivity and create future issues. So this is certainly something to address right from the start.

Hall’s seven Cs provide a simple yet effective framework for recruiting. Focusing on these specific areas when considering candidates should help improve the quality of your hires and strengthen your company as a whole.

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