Most candidates probably assume recruiters don’t spend a lot of time looking at individual resumes. But it’s even less than you may think, at just a mere 7.4 seconds on average. Here are some ways to immediately grab a recruiter’s attention and get them to read through your resume.

Use a Clear, Logical Flow

A recruiter shouldn’t have to struggle when moving from section to section. Information should be arranged in a smooth sequence where they can seamlessly check out your contact information, background, experience and education with minimal effort. “Ask any recruiter or someone tasked with looking at resumes day after day, and they’d say that most people do a horrible job organizing information,” explains resume designer, Dawn Rasmussen.

Thoroughly organizing your resume can give you a considerable advantage over other candidates. Also, don’t get “too cute” and try to be fancy with your resume by adding images or graphics. Most experts agree it’s best to keep it simple and get straight to the point.   

Write Easily Digestible Information

Keep in mind that a recruiter may be looking over dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes to find a candidate. So, you want to make their life easier by making your resume highly scannable.

This means using sub-headers and bold text to break down different sections, avoiding large blocks of text and inserting bullet points for listing information. That way, they can make it from the top to the bottom without any friction and quickly gain an understanding of your qualifications.

Use Specific Examples and Concrete Numbers

Recruiters are naturally results-oriented and want to be assured anyone they hire will have a legitimate impact on their business. A great way to demonstrate your value is to be as specific as possible with your prior results.

For example, rather than simply saying you helped increase production, you could say you helped increase production by 20 percent over the course of a year. It’s all about quantifying your achievements so a recruiter knows exactly what value you bring to the table.

Most recruiters look at a ton of resumes and are overwhelmed by the pool of applicants. Following these key tips should help you grab their attention. In turn, you can increase your odds of getting an interview and ultimately landing a job.

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