Job candidates obviously want to make a positive impression on hiring managers. But it’s equally important for hiring manager to impress top candidates. This is key to sealing the deal and assembling a team of qualified professionals. Here are some ways to sell your company during job interviews.

Write a Clear Job Description

Any vagueness in a job description can create confusion for candidates. If they don’t fully understand what the position entails or the tasks they’ll be responsible for, it may reduce their enthusiasm. In some cases, highly qualified candidates may even look elsewhere with a different employer, causing you to lose out to the competition.

Here’s some specific information to include in a job description:

  • Daily and weekly duties
  • Required technical skills
  • Desired soft skills (e.g., being able to improvise or work well in a team setting)
  • Schedule
  • Expectations

Explain Your Culture

Company culture is a hot topic these days. “94 percent of executives and 88 percent of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success,” Deloitte reports. Clearly defining your culture lets candidates know whether they’d be a good fit from a personality and working-style standpoint. So you’ll want to share things like your company mission, philosophy, values and so on.  

Explain What Makes Your Company Unique

Every company has something that distinguishes them from the competition. Knowing what that something is not only helps you carve out your niche, it can make you more appealing to the right job candidates. Some examples may include:

  • Your relaxed, laid-back working environment
  • Your excellent customer service and relationships
  • Your creativity and out-of-the box approach to business

These are potential things to touch on during an interview that can help you form connections with quality candidates.

Discuss Benefits and Perks

Finally, you’ll want to mention anything that would make working for you sound favorable in the form of benefits and perks. Maybe you offer robust healthcare. Maybe you’ve got flexible scheduling options. Or maybe you promote from within and have opportunities for employees to move up the company ladder. Whatever it may be, you’ll want candidates to be aware of anything that makes your company more appealing.

You never want to squander a great opportunity by failing to impress talented job candidates. Following these techniques should help you effectively sell your company and improve overall recruiting.

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