Interviewing job candidates is trickier than it looks. You need to know how to take control and move smoothly throughout the process. You also need to be able to elicit important information naturally when interviewing candidates. Here are some tips to improve your interviewing skills.

Know What You’re Looking For

The first step is to have a specific set of skills, traits and characteristics in mind. This will determine how you assess candidates and factor into your overall decision making. Recruiting software company Lever, suggests having a formal meeting with company leaders where everyone comes together to figure out the specifics. “Which skill sets are must-have, and which are nice to have?” they add.   

Fine-Tune Your Questions

There’s no end to the types of interview questions you can ask. Therefore, it’s best to have a handful that allow you to assess candidates on all levels. Going through a list of top interview questions like this one from Inc. and narrowing it down will help you customize your interview process. You don’t necessarily want to follow a rigid script, but having a list to draw from should streamline things and ensure you’re asking the right questions.

Actively Listen to Candidates 

Listening is every bit as important as the questions you ask. You want to listen closely to the candidate’s responses and analyze what’s being said. In other words, be fully present, and don’t be distracted by looking at their resume or application the entire time. 

Put Candidates at Ease

Your average person is going to be at least a little nervous during a job interview. This is problematic because anxiety can negatively affect their responses, and you might not understand their full capabilities. In some cases, you may pass on an ultra-talented candidate simply because their nerves got to them. So, you’ll want to do everything possible to put candidates at ease.

Here are some techniques:

  • arrange for someone to greet them once they arrive;
  • be friendly and smile;
  • warm up with relatively easy questions before moving on to more difficult ones; and
  • don’t try to deliberately throw them off their game by asking silly questions

The better your interviewing skills are, the more likely you are to find high-quality employees. Following these tips should help you excel at this process and improve your company’s overall hiring.

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