A big part of finding a job is putting yourself out there. It’s all about getting in touch with the right people and making networking a habit. Research has found that doing so greatly increases your chances of getting hired. In fact, Willamette University reports, “70 percent of all jobs obtained in the last 10 years were the result of networking.” Here are some of the specific benefits of networking and why it’s such a valuable job search tool.

Locate Job Opportunities

Browsing through traditional mediums like job boards and newspapers can certainly help you find a job. But you often end up missing out on some of the best opportunities if you just limit yourself to this technique. “Statistics show 80 percent of available jobs are never advertised online and in newspaper classifieds. Instead, recruiters and managers may rely on networking, as well as word-of-mouth and inside contacts, to find and attract potential job candidates.”

Networking can give you inside access to jobs the vast majority of people don’t know about. There are often “hidden opportunities” you simply won’t find through any other means. So that reason alone makes networking extremely potent.

Increase Your Number of Connections

The more people you have in your professional network, the better. You never know when having a certain connection could pay off. And networking is arguably the best way to increase your number of connections. Whether you do it online, through sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, or offline through industry events, your list of contacts will keep growing. 

Job Suggestions

What’s really great about networking is that you may even have job opportunities come to you. By letting other people know you’re looking for a position, there’s always the chance someone will reach out without you even having to put in an application. 

Impress Potential Employers

Join a professional group or business association in your industry. This can be very appealing to a hiring manager because it shows you have initiative and are actively looking to advance your career. As a result, this can make you a more attractive candidate and help you stand out from the competition.

As we’ve just learned, networking offers some huge advantages. Besides the relationships you build, it can help catapult your career and accelerate your job search. So it’s definitely something that’s worth investing your time and energy into.

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