Interviewing is a great way to assess different candidates, and lets you learn a lot about their experience, qualifications, working style, etc. But it’s not flawless. Just because a candidate is good at interviewing doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best fit for the job. Here are some ways to help you see the bigger picture and choose the top candidate overall.

Ask Them to Solve a Problem

It’s nice to know how someone will respond in a realistic situation, and they can think on their feet. Asking how they would solve a common problem they’re likely to face should tell you a lot about a candidate’s capabilities and how they would function if hired. For instance, if it’s a warehouse position, you might ask what they would do if they’re behind schedule and a large amount of inventory needs to be unloaded.

Have Them Complete a Mini Project

You can take it one step further by having candidates participate in a small project. It doesn’t have to be anything extensive, but should serve as a nice way to determine a person’s skill level. If you’re looking for an accounting assistant, you might have them prepare a mock financial report and work on your company’s software. This is a good way to level the playing field and see just how adept a candidate is. 

Get Input From Other Team Members

A candidate will likely interact with at least a couple of your current employees. So it’s a good idea to see what their first impressions and overall take of the person are like.

  • Were they polite and friendly?
  • Did they treat other team members with respect and courtesy?
  • Do they have a personality that will mesh with your culture?
  • What questions did they ask your other team members?

You may even want to have one of your employees give them a formal walkthrough of your business, so they have a chance to interact one on one.

Some candidates are better interviewers than others. Those with charisma and strong personalities will naturally stand out. But this doesn’t always mean that they’re the best fit for your company. Using the techniques listed here should give you a better idea of what each candidate brings to the table, and what their overall talent level is. This, in turn, greatly increases your odds of hiring the best candidate.

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