Many employees are valued and are considerable assets to the company they work for. But very few are indispensable, which according to the Cambridge Dictionary means, “Someone that is so good or important that you could not manage without him or her.” Getting to this level not only means great job security, it can be your key to major career progress. Here are some of the key traits and skills you need to become indispensable.

Doing Way More Than the Bare Minimum

Effort is huge. The most successful employees are almost always those who are willing to put forth maximum effort to not only meet but exceed expectations. Fortunately, effort isn’t some obscure skill that belongs to just a select few. All you have to do is truly commit yourself to your job and get in the habit of taking initiative even when you’re not directly asked.

Setting High Standards for Yourself

This piggybacks on our first point. It’s important you’re truly invested in your job and have high expectations for yourself. Doing so ensures you never end up settling for mediocrity and are continually progressing.

Helping Others Without Expecting Anything in Return

There’s an incredibly rewarding feeling that comes from helping others without ulterior motives. Besides the personal satisfaction you’ll feel, others will take notice, and it should help you earn their respect. 

Being of Value to Others

Ideally, you’ll be one of the key people within your company that people reach out to. Whether they’re looking for your input on creatively solving a problem, your mentorship or anything else, this makes you a tremendous asset.

Being Adaptable

Regardless of your industry and role, you can expect ongoing change to occur. Some examples could include figuring out how to use new technology, accepting a new policy or learning the preferences of a new manager. Whatever the case, being adaptable will definitely work to your advantage and make you an integral part of the team.

Indispensable is what you want to strive to become, especially in today’s workforce where many employees feel expendable. Developing the traits and skills listed here should put you on the right track to achieving that. While it will likely take some time and effort to get there, it should be well worth it in the long run.

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