The methods employers use to manage employees have changed dramatically in the 21st century. Many traditional techniques have been replaced by more efficient, technology-driven methods. Here are some specific management trends for 2018 that you should be aware of.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is spreading its tentacles to nearly every industry, including HR. Besides its use for recruiting where chatbots are used to pair candidates with the ideal jobs based on their knowledge and skill set, AI is becoming a big part of administrative processes.

For example, AI can now be used to streamline onboarding and provide personalized learning content for new hires. In turn, this provides a level of automation that can alleviate many of the more burdensome tasks, so you can get new hires up to speed with less effort on your end.

Besides that, AI can be used for measuring employee performance. Not only does this save time, you know that employees are always assessed using concrete data that’s not susceptible to human bias. This is important because it gives you a more objective view of an employee’s capabilities.

Viral Learning

More and more employers are acknowledging taking a one-size-fits-all approach to training has its limitations. A new method that’s being enabled by AI is viral learning, which is more self-directed, social and informal in nature. This is done through shorter sessions of “micro learning,” where lessons are available on demand. Employees are also able to absorb information in smaller, manageable chunks and share what they learn with others via social networking sites. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Want to give job candidates an idea of what it’s really like to work at your company? You can now do so with augmented and virtual reality where they can go on a virtual tour of your workplace. This can be huge for gaining a recruiting edge over competitors.

On top of that, you can use this technology to provide employees with simulations of tasks and challenges, so they can better prepare themselves for real-life scenarios. That way they’ll be well equipped to handle whatever comes their way at work and capable of quicker decision making.

Technology has advanced significantly in recent years and provides employers with many opportunities that simply didn’t exist in the past. The three management trends listed here are some of the most groundbreaking and should definitely be on your radar in 2018.

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