Interviewing for a job can be anxiety inducing for even the most confident and accomplished of candidates. Therefore, it’s common for most individuals to be at least a little nervous. But this is problematic because you may not always get a person’s best effort and can end up missing out on great employees. Here are some simple ways to help candidates feel more comfortable during an interview.

Have Someone There to Greet Them

Perhaps the best way to calm a candidate’s nerves is to arrange for a personal greeting once they arrive. This doesn’t have to be anything over the top, but having a company representative there to say hello, shake hands with them and direct them where they need to go can have a huge impact. This should eliminate any confusion and set the tone for a great interview. 

Use the Right Location

Location is everything, so you’ll want to strategically plan where you’ll hold the interview ahead of time. Most experts agree that a quiet, distraction-free setting is ideal. Also be sure to offer them comfortable seating and give them your full attention. After all, having someone barge into the interview or your cellphone go off multiple times can be a little unsettling. 

Be Friendly

One mistake some employers make is striving for professionalism to the point they come as being cold or rigid. While you’ll certainly want to remain professional, go out of your way to be friendly and polite to a candidate. Smile when they walk in the door and let them know you’re genuinely happy to meet them. You may even want to engage in a little small talk before you launch into the formal interview. 

Provide Some Background on Your Company and the Position

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to initiate the conversation and get the ball rolling. A good way to begin is to offer some information regarding the background/history of your company as well as the specific position a candidate is applying for. You can use this to segue into the rest of the interview where you discuss things like their skill set and qualifications.

To truly see a candidate for who they are and tell if they’re the right fit, you’ll first want to make them feel comfortable. Following the points listed here should help aid you in this process and ensure a positive interviewing experience.

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