We’ve all experienced it at some point – off-the-wall interview questions that come out of left field. They can leave you reeling and send you scrambling to come up with answers. But don’t let unusual interview questions throw you off you’re a-game. Here’s how to properly respond.

Buy Yourself Some Time

Answering right away isn’t always the best approach because you may not be able to completely think through a question from all angles. When you’re thrown off guard like this, it’s helpful if you can have a minute to formulate a reasonable response. In other words, you need to buy yourself some time.

But how do you do this? Try saying something like, “Wow that’s a really interesting question and one I’ve never heard before. Give me a moment to think about that.”

Taking a second to think it over like this increases your chances of delivering the solid answer that your interviewer is looking for.

Be Clear and Concise

Often, an interviewer isn’t so much interested in the content of your answer as the way you answer it. Therefore, it’s important you’re clear and concise with your response. Try not to allow your nerves to get the best of you, and be succinct about it.

Be Enthusiastic

There are two ways that you can react to a question that’s out of left field. You can be nervous or even a little perturbed by it, or you can be enthusiastic. The latter is always the best way to react and is key to making a positive impression. No matter how bizarre it may be, try to answer enthusiastically and prove that you’re able to handle any curveballs that may come your way.

Tie in Your Experience and Job Skills Whenever Possible

Many unorthodox interview questions don’t have a right or wrong answer. They’re simply a way for a recruiter to get a feel for your working style and how well you would fit in with their company. This can work to your advantage, because you can give them an idea of what your style and philosophy are like.

Here’s an example; Say an interviewer asks you, “If you were a famous brand, what would your slogan be?”

A strong answer could be “Never stop exploring” from The North Face, to show you’re passionate about continually learning and improving.

You never know for sure what an interviewer will throw at you. Sometimes you’ll get the classic questions, and other times they’ll be less conventional. Following this strategy should help you rise to the occasion, regardless of the situation and prove you can think on your feet.

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