The way that companies go about hiring has evolved significantly in the 21st century. Primarily fueled by technology, newer, more cutting-edge strategies are adopted each and every year. 2018 promises to be especially interesting, and the following hiring trends should be on your radar.

Developing a Successful Employee Value Proposition

Although the overall candidate pool may be large, the number of high quality, talented candidates is often limited. To make matters worse, there’s usually fierce competition among competitors, which makes attracting these individuals difficult. One trend that’s gaining momentum this year is developing an employee value proposition (EVP).

Definitions can vary, but the basic premise revolves around building a solid brand image and combining it with great company values and a desirable culture. By communicating your brand’s selling points and making it an attractive place to work, this should positively influence top candidates and serve as incentive for them to join your company.

Creating a Great Candidate Experience

In addition to achieving a great customer experience, more and more companies are striving to do the same for their candidates. This revolves around two key steps – providing a personalized recruitment strategy and obtaining candidate feedback throughout the recruiting process. It’s all about communication.

Not only does this keep candidates more engaged, your company is able to identify weaknesses in its hiring so you don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future. The longer this strategy is in place, the better your hiring becomes. 

Social Recruiting

Social media has hit a whole new level in terms of its usage, and 81 percent of the U.S. population had a social media profile in 2017. Smart businesses acknowledge this trend and are now incorporating social media into their hiring strategy.

Aberdeen Essentials even reports, “Best-in-class companies are 45 percent more likely to share content and job postings across social media to recruit candidates.” While social recruiting been gaining traction for the past few years, it’s going to reach new heights in 2018 and is something nearly all companies will want to take advantage of. 

Effective hiring is largely based on keeping up with trends and capitalizing on new techniques as they emerge. The three specific trends listed here will be especially potent in 2018 and should help your company find top-tier talent in the new year.

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