You could think of a receptionist as being “the face” of your company. They’re often the first person that customers, clients and vendors will interact with on the phone or in person. Therefore, they need to possess the right set of qualities and characteristics, including the following.

Great Communication Skills

Communication is hands-down the most important skill required for this position. A receptionist will be interacting with the public as well as with co-workers all day every day. Therefore, they should be able to effectively articulate their thoughts, succinctly explain products or services and provide the rest of your team with updates.

Fortunately, communication skills are fairly simple to assess. Pay close attention to a candidate’s ability to convey their thoughts and how easy it is to build rapport with them during the interview.

A Pleasant Personality

While the term “pleasant” is subjective, it’s something that’s pretty recognizable, and you know it when you see it. This type of person is easy to get along with, friendly, polite and courteous. They don’t have to try to behave this way – it simply comes naturally.

However, there is a caveat. You need to be sure a candidate doesn’t go overboard to the point that a positive trait actually becomes a detriment. For instance, someone who is too energetic may be draining to your customers and the rest of your staff.  

A Positive Attitude

While you shouldn’t necessarily expect someone to be elated 100 percent of the time, they should have a positive attitude. After all, they’ll be setting the tone for your overall workplace environment. If they’re in a good mood, this is likely to rub off on the rest of your employees and should work to your advantage as they interact with the public.


Finally, you should look for someone who’s got their ducks in a row. A receptionist will be responsible for greeting customers, handling phone calls and emails and generally keeping things on track. That’s why it’s important for them to conduct themselves with professionalism, wear proper attire, practice correct etiquette, etc. 

It takes someone with a distinct set of traits to thrive in this type of position. While there are numerous factors that determine how likely someone is to succeed as a receptionist, paying attention to these key areas should help you effectively assess candidates.

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