One of your biggest goals after landing a temporary position is to stand out. You want to make a great impression and prove you’re an asset in hopes of being brought on permanently. Here are some ways to accomplish this and land long-term jobs with the most desirable employers.

Research the Company

 You can start by learning as much as you can about the company you’re working for. Research their history, philosophy and underlying culture. This should give you a better idea of what it takes to succeed and what they value most in an employee.

Take Initiative

 Perhaps the best way to separate yourself from the pack is to be quick to volunteer. Whether it’s taking on an extra project, performing tasks that aren’t part of your immediate job description or staying behind to ensure a deadline is reached, this will all work to your benefit.

Showing you have a willingness to go the extra mile speaks highly of your character and work ethic. Considering that these are both things that most employers look at closely, this can be a huge advantage.

Ask Questions

 Don’t be shy about seeking out knowledge and guidance from your higher-ups and fellow colleagues. One of the quickest ways to become more adept at your job is ask plenty of questions. This will help reduce your learning curve and put you in a position to be a key contributor at the company.

Be a Team Player

 On any given day there’s likely to be someone you could help out, a task you could assist with and so on. If you spot an opportunity where you could add value, go for it. Maybe you’ve finished your duties for the day and you notice a co-worker is behind schedule. You could lend a hand to help them get back on track. Having this type of mentality won’t go unnoticed.

Show You’re Flexible

Flexibility is an incredibly sought-after trait among 21st century workers. Having the ability to adapt to different situations and improvise when needed will make you extremely appealing to an employer. Try to remain open to new ideas and different ways of doing things and have a “go with the flow” approach.

The modern workplace can be incredibly competitive. If you’re a temporary worker, you should do everything in your power to stand out and prove why you’re someone worth hiring permanently. Being diligent and following these tips should help strengthen your case and give you the positive attention needed to impress desirable employers.

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