There’s seldom a lack of competition for most job openings. Recruiters may easily receive hundreds of resumes a day, so capturing their attention should be your utmost priority. An effective way to do that is by customizing your resume to the position you’re applying for. Customization will be an important differentiator for a few key reasons.

It’s Tailored to the Specific Position

 Recruiters are smart and will instantly know which candidates simply copied and pasted a generic resume. This lacks essential details and makes you come across as being disinterested and inauthentic. More often than not, you’ll be instantly passed over.

However, a customized resume will include pertinent information that’s relevant to the job you’re applying for. It will include skills and talents that relate directly to the position, which increases your odds of landing an interview.

It Shows That You Read the Job Description

There’s a fairly common trend among many of today’s job seekers. They quickly skim over a job description and upload their resume without giving it a second thought. This translates into dozens or even hundreds of “resume spammers” who are simply wasting a recruiter’s time.

Giving just a bit of effort to customize your resume shows a recruiter you thoroughly looked over the job description and performed at least some research on the company. This proves you’re serious and have a strong interest in getting hired.

You’re More Likely to Get Found in an “ATS”

Due to the sheer number of resumes recruiters often receive, many now use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to filter through candidates based on keywords. When you customize your resume, you will inevitably include relevant keywords the recruiter is looking for. In turn, you increase your odds of getting found on an ATS.

It Stands Out

According a study from TheLadders, “Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual resume.” If yours doesn’t stand out immediately, your chances of moving on deeper in the hiring process are slim to none. Just put yourself in a recruiter’s shoes.

Would you be interested in a candidate with a boring, generic resume that looks just like everyone else’s? Or would you prefer a candidate who brings something unique to the table and put in the time to send a well-crafted customized resume? Odds are it would be the latter.

There’s no denying that customizing your resume takes time and is an additional step in the process. But the potential payoff makes it worth it and can propel you to the top of the candidate pool.

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