Once a position has been filled, it’s important to properly notify other applicants and let them know they are no longer under consideration. When rejecting candidates, do it in a way that leaves them with the best impression of your company possible. Here are some tips for turning down job applicants the right way.


Let Them Know ASAP

 You definitely don’t want to leave someone hanging for a prolonged period of time. Even though it can be difficult, make it a point to let job applicants know as soon as you can. After you’ve made your decision to hire someone else, spend some time reaching out to those who didn’t make it. This shows you respect them and value the time and energy they put forth to apply for a position.


Use the Correct Means of Contact

 There are generally two sets of candidates – those who simply sent in an application but weren’t interviewed and those you actually interviewed. For the former, an email is usually fine. But for the latter, it’s considered best practices to give them a phone call. According to ZipRecruiter, “A phone call is best if someone was one of the top contenders.”


Keep it Brief

 There’s no need to get into all of the gory details when turning down a job applicant. Instead, you should get right to the point and briefly explain the situation. For instance, you might simply say you found a candidate whose experience and qualifications made them the better fit for the job. The point here is you should tell someone why they’re not being hired; however; you’re in no way obligated to get into specifics.


Try to End on a Positive Note

 Being rejected is by no means pleasant. But you can often soften the blow by keeping it positive. For example, you might say you’ll keep their information on file in the event another position opens up in the future. Or you might pass along the contact information of another recruiter where they could potentially find another job opportunity. This isn’t feasible 100 percent of the time, but always look for ways to go out on good terms.


Turning down job applicants the right way is about more than keeping your brand image intact. It’s important on a moral level and is a way of giving applicants the respect they deserve. Following these tips should enable you to efficiently notify individuals who have been turned down without creating unnecessary friction in the process.


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