Post-interview team review

An interview can be very telling when assessing potential candidates for a position. There are certain red flags that employers should look for that will go a long way in determining the propensity for future problems. Be cognizant of spotting these issues during the interview process.

Being Tardy

Showing up late to an interview is a surefire way to get things started out on the wrong foot. Everyone should know the importance of arriving on time. And as the old saying goes, “If you’re on time, you’re late.” If a candidate takes the interview seriously, they’ll show up a few minutes early or at the very worst, on time.

If they don’t have the discipline and foresight to arrive to their interview on time, how likely is it they’ll show up on time to work each day?

Inappropriate Attire

Wearing the right clothing is one of the most fundamental aspects of interviewing. While candidates may not be expected to wear a suit and tie, they should have enough self-awareness to make themselves presentable. Showing up shabbily dressed in attire that’s inappropriate is a definite red flag.

A Disrespectful Attitude

An interviewee should be polite, courteous and respectful throughout an interview. Your company is doing them a favor by giving them the opportunity for employment. If you encounter someone who’s disrespectful, it’s a poor reflection on their attitude. Often, these are the individuals that end up creating a toxic work environment and are detrimental to morale.

Being Unprepared  

Any viable employee should have thoroughly read over the job description, have a basic understanding of what their position entails and understand your company history. It’s also ideal if they bring along a resume or portfolio so they can quickly point out relevant qualifications and experience. Being completely unprepared should be your warning they might not take their job seriously if hired.

Bad-mouthing a Previous Employer

Let’s be honest. Not everyone goes out on great terms 100 percent of the time. That’s a given.

But watch out for any interviewees that deliberately bad-mouth a previous employer. Overt complaining is typically a sign of a character flaw and probably isn’t someone you want to hire.

A Shady Work History

Are there consistent gaps in employment? Is a candidate unable to hold a job for longer than a year? Are they a chronic “job hopper”?

Making a hire demands a certain amount of trust and faith in a candidate. While exhibiting these signs aren’t necessarily grounds for immediate disqualification, they’re definite red flags that demand your attention. Proceed with caution with these candidates.

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