February means Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. But do you love your current job? Here are three ways to find out whether you really love your job, and why if you don’t, you should start looking for a new position.

  1. You View it as More Than Just a Paycheck

Employees who genuinely love their jobs get a lot out of them. They take pride in their work, value their relationships, feel appreciated and look forward to the start of each day. In other words, they view it as more than just a means of getting a paycheck.

But if you’re there to simply clock in and clock out and experience little to no joy in between, it’s a good sign that it’s not the right position for you. If you find yourself consistently miserable or dread the thought of going to work, it’s definitely time to move on.

  1. You Feel Consistently Engaged

According to The Muse, a whopping “70 percent of U.S. workers are not engaged at work.” If you’re one of these workers and “zone out” during the workday, it’s a good sign you should look elsewhere. Whether it’s because of your boss, a bad fit from a workplace culture standpoint or the work simply isn’t stimulating, your current position probably isn’t something you want to be in long term.

  1. Your Talent and Skills Are Being Fully Utilized

Every member of the team has something unique and valuable to bring to the table. If your employer is tapping into your talent and skills, you’re likely to find your job rewarding. But if you find yourself chronically frustrated because of a lack of challenge or sheer boredom, it’s probably time to take your talents elsewhere.

Tery Hocket, chief executive of the career site What’s For Work?, sums it up quite nicely. “No one has said anything, however, you are no longer getting the plum assignments, you are no longer asked to attend key meetings, or your proposals are met with silence or denial. These are signs that you should be looking for a new opportunity.”

If one or more of these three points strikes a chord with you, it’s strongly recommended to see what else is out there. One of the best ways to go about this is to get in touch with a professional recruiter in your area. They will be able to assess your skill set and match you with an opportunity that’s right in your wheelhouse.

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