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There are a lot of different factors that contribute to a high level of workplace productivity and a positive company culture. But you could argue that one of the most important is the relationships between your employees.

The problem is that in a lot of companies, employees work 9 to 5, but go home unhappy because they never really connect. Here are some reasons it’s important to build office relationships outside of work and how it can benefit your workplace.

Some Background Data

An article from Entrepreneur examined how work friendships drive work happiness. According to their findings, “78 percent of people who work 30 to 50 hours a week spend more time with co-workers than with their families.” Furthermore, “74 percent of the employees surveyed who hadn’t celebrated accomplishments with their co-workers said they are more likely to leave their jobs.”

What does this tell us? It suggests that the average full-time employee spends a significant amount of their lives around their co-workers. This also suggests that developing strong office relationships plays a factor in a person’s overall level of job satisfaction and can impact a company’s turnover rate.

Relationships That Transcend the Workplace

When your employees are connected with one another and have legitimate team chemistry, it’s going to be advantageous for everyone involved. Your employees benefit because they’re likely to view their jobs as more than simply a means of earning a paycheck. They’ll form genuine bonds that go much further than the 9 to 5. In some cases, they may even build long-term friendships that add to their overall level of happiness.

Your business also benefits in several different ways, including the following:

  • You’re likely to experience consistently higher productivity because team members can work with more efficiency and fluidity
  • You’ll have higher output
  • Workplace morale should improve
  • There should be a lower rate of absenteeism and tardiness
  • Your turnover rate should decline
  • You’ll have a stronger overall company culture

When you combine all of these benefits, it means one very important thing – increased revenue. This is why it’s well worth your effort to encourage your employees to build relationships outside of the office. Better yet, you should take measures to facilitate this relationship building. For instance, you might hold company gatherings and have team- building events.

There’s a large body of data that shows how instrumental building office relationships can be to the long-term success of your company. If your employees are coming to work but not truly connecting, it’s wise to make this a priority moving forward.

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