When it comes to hiring, recruiters often have a specific idea of who their ideal candidate would be. They will possess a distinct set of traits, have all of the right qualifications and be “a safe bet.” But often, the individuals who are best poised to thrive are the outliers who are aberrations from the norm.

In some cases, the entry-level candidate or the person with minimal industry experience is actually the best fit. Learn why sometimes your best decision is to hire the “diamond in the rough.”

They’re More Malleable

 One characteristic that’s common among diamond in the rough candidates is a willingness to learn and accept feedback. Because they’re not “know-it-alls” and often have limited experience, most of these candidates have a thirst for learning and being better at their jobs. In other words, they’re more malleable and can be trained to be A+ employees.

On the other hand, more experienced candidates who possess all of the necessary qualifications may be more rigid and less likely to respond favorably to feedback. They’ve “been there” and “done that,” so you’re not always able to get through to them as easily.

But by giving an under qualified candidate an opportunity and the right tools, they’re likely to quickly ascend the ranks of your company and become a long-term asset.

They Tend to Be Loyal

 Turnover is a company’s worst enemy and is quite costly. In fact, “studies predict that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs six-to-nine months’ salary on average.”  But it’s realistic to expect a reduced turnover rate by hiring a diamond in the rough.

Why? When you take a chance on someone who doesn’t fit the mold or is under qualified, you can pretty much bet that they’re going to give it their all. These are the people who sometimes have a chip on their shoulder and want to prove that they’re willing and able to do what it takes to succeed at their position.

Most importantly, they want to return the favor for you giving them an opportunity. In many cases, this translates into an employee consistently giving maximum effort and being highly loyal. This is obviously beneficial because it helps you establish a valuable nucleus of talented employees who are often in it for the long haul.

If you’re on the fence about hiring the diamond in the rough, you should definitely reconsider. This type of employee will often have the biggest long-term impact and can be a tremendous benefit to your company.

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