Being put in a leadership role for the first time can be stressful and doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. Some first-time managers feel that they might not have what it takes and may be filled with doubt. But in order to settle into this position, it’s essential for you to develop confidence and self-belief. Here are some tips for boosting your confidence to make you a better leader.

Focus on Your Strengths

Fixating on your shortcomings is a surefire way to kill your confidence. But focusing on your primary strengths is almost guaranteed to give you confidence boost. When you’re first starting out in a management role, you should make it a point to emphasize the skills that you bring to the table. In time, you can work on your weaknesses and be a more of a well-rounded leader. But for the time being, you should aim to build your confidence and prove your value to other staff members.

Lead By Example

A big part of getting others to follow is to set the right tone yourself. After all, if you’re not exhibiting sound work ethic or don’t conduct yourself with professionalism, why should anyone else? But you can get others to take you seriously by simply providing a great example and putting forth your maximum effort.

For instance, you should make it a point to show up on time with a positive attitude every day, work hard and be diligent about meeting deadlines. This type of behavior is often contagious and should help you win the respect of your employees.

You should also continuously communicate with employees and ask for their feedback. Getting their input is crucial for building rapport and establishing long-term relationships.

Work on Your Body Language

Body language is everything. Having the right body language conveys confidence and is key for unlocking your own unique charisma. Here are a few basic tips for having great body language:

  • Maintain eye contact
  • Stand tall
  • Use open stances
  • Be aware of jitteriness and fidgetiness, and work towards avoiding this behavior
  • Develop a firm handshake

Even if you’re lacking confidence, getting the habit of exhibiting positive body language can help you “fake it until you make it.”

While you can’t simply flip a switch and be more confident, working on a few key areas should help you in this department. Once you develop the right habits, this should contribute to your overall leadership abilities and help you thrive in a management role.

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