The term “millennial” is one of the most widely used buzzwords at the moment and is used to describe a younger person born roughly between 1980 and 1995. Because millennials are projected to account for 46 percent of the total workforce by 2020, it’s important that you’re implementing recruiting strategies that are designed to appeal to this generation. Here are some specific techniques that are genuinely effective and how to integrate them into the recruiting process.

Accommodate Millennials’ Desire for Growth

Seldom is this age group content to remain complacent at a position for years on end. Most have an innate desire to grow and enhance their career. In turn, they tend to avoid positions with limited room for growth. The Harvard Business Review even reports that the opportunity to learn and grow is the number one thing that this generation looks for when applying for a job.

Showing that your company is one with the potential for advancement and opportunities for promotion from within is important for attracting these individuals. Make sure that you state this in your job description to reel in the biggest fish. 

Offer Flexibility

Unlike the older generation of baby boomers who often put work first and the rest of their lives second, millennials tend to strive for a healthy work-life balance. This means that having a rigid schedule and working 40+ hours isn’t always appealing.

You can speak their language and make your company sound more desirable by understanding the need for flexibility and doing your best to accommodate it. For instance, you might want to have telecommuting options or allow for shift swapping. Again, be sure to make this clear in your job description, and you should be able to outshine many competitors.

Ensure Company Transparency

Another thing you should know about millennials is that most like to align themselves with companies that share their same interests, philosophy and values. If they don’t fit in with your company culture, it’s probably not going to be an enriching experience, and their morale is likely to suffer.

This is why it’s so important to be upfront about your company culture right from the start. For example, you might mention what the preferred working style of employees is, the causes you’re passionate about, what characteristics an ideal employee should possess and so on.

Having a basic understanding of the mindset of millennials is vital for recruiting. By implementing these three techniques, you should be able to effectively reach this generation and make your business more appealing to them.

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