A recruiter will be analyzing a lot of different things about you during an interview. One of which is your confidence and the overall vibe you’re projecting. While interviewing in and of itself can be an intimidating and overwhelming process, it’s critical that you demonstrate confidence and stay cool. Here are three specific ways to show confidence in an interview and impress your recruiter.

  1. Don’t Put Anyone Down

Many times, the subject of past employers will arise, and an interviewer may ask you to describe what your previous employers were like. They may even ask you about any issues you had. In this type of scenario, it’s essential to take the high road and never put anyone down.

Not only is this behavior unprofessional, it can make a potential company question your loyalty and whether or not you’re someone they would like to bring on board. However, addressing this topic with tact and not speaking ill of a former employer shows that you’re confident in yourself and your abilities.

  1. Own Up to Your Mistakes Without Hiding Them

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s simply a part of life. While recruiters will obviously want to know your strengths, many will inquire into your weaknesses as well. If they ask about the mistakes you’ve made in the past, it’s best to own up to them and not try to merely sweep them under the rug.

This too proves that you’ve got a healthy level of self-confidence and aren’t afraid to fess up to past blunders. Just be sure to explain that you’ve learned from your mistakes and how they’ve helped you become more proficient in your job.

  1. Point Out That You’re Always Able to Ask for Help When Needed

Even the most brilliant people need a little help and direction from time to time. Admitting this isn’t a knock on your qualifications or skill set, it just means that you recognize the validity of other peoples’ input.

Be sure to mention that you don’t have a problem asking for help at times and that you’re willing to learn from others. This is indicative of self-confidence and shows recruiters that you’d be an asset to their company.

There are several ways to ensure that your confidence manifests itself in an interview. These three tips should help you make a strong first impression and will hopefully allow you to win over your recruiter.

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