2016 is already half way over, and it’s the perfect time to analyze various aspects of your business to determine what’s going right and what needs tweaking. June is typically a time where mid-year reviews are given and is an opportune time to evaluate your hiring needs. Consulting your staff with surveys regarding the following areas should provide you with some valuable insight and set your hiring managers up for success moving into the second half of the year.


Workload is arguably the most important aspect of hiring to address, and getting unbiased feedback from your employees should show you where you’re at in terms of manpower.

Are your employees over-stressed and overworked to the point that morale and productivity are suffering?

Are there not enough hours to go around, and employees are frustrated because of it?

Maybe you desperately need to make a few key hires to effectively cover the workload and minimize the stress your current employees are facing. Or maybe you’ve got a few too many staff members, and some downsizing is in order. Regardless of the specifics, you’ll want to know what the state of your company’s workload is like.

Daily Routine

Creating an efficient routine for your staff is critical for keeping operations running smoothly and for extracting the maximum value from each employee. If there are inefficiencies in the daily routine, it’s likely to adversely impact both your productivity and profitability.

Consequently, you’ll want to include some questions regarding daily routine on your survey to get a clear idea of what your employees’ habits are, patterns, trends and so on. If it’s obvious that there are flaws in the daily routine because of inadequate manpower, you’ll probably want to recruit new talent to fill in the gaps.  

Weaknesses Within Your Department

No matter how well run your business is, there’s bound to be some weaknesses, or at the very least some elements that could use some fine-tuning. That’s why you’ll want to ask current employees about any perceived deficiencies or habits that are limiting your company’s progress.

Be sure to look for overarching patterns where multiple employees mention the same weaknesses. From there you’ll want to prioritize which areas need your attention the most and alter your hiring practices accordingly.

Hiring is no doubt a vital aspect of running any business, and now is an excellent time to hand out surveys to gain a deeper awareness of your what your hiring needs are like. By assessing this information, you can implement it in a practical manner and equip your hiring managers with the information they need to thrive in the latter part of 2016.

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