The first few days of a new job can feel overwhelming and even a little intimidating for temp workers. They’re trying to get up to speed as well as form connections with regular employees, which can leave them feeling a bit out of place and discombobulated. In order to gear them up for success, it’s important that you do everything possible to ease this transition and make them feel welcomed. Here are three ways to do so.

1) Allow Them Time to Meet All Employees Upon Starting

To get temps started out on the right foot, it’s smart to break the ice and get them acquainted with the rest of your staff right off the bat. Accordingly, it’s a good idea set up a formal meeting prior to getting down to work so they can get familiar with everyone and learn the basics of how things run at your company.

You can get the ball rolling by making brief introductions and by giving them a tour of your workplace so they feel more comfortable. With any luck, they’ll start forming relationships and make a seamless transition.

2) Include Them in Team-Building Events

Team-building events accomplish several different things. Some of which include creating chemistry among employees, nurturing a sense of cohesion and establishing an environment of inclusivism where team members feel like they genuinely belong. While team-building activities are helpful regardless, they can be especially impactful when you’re onboarding temps. By getting them in on the action, they can quickly build rapport with the rest of your employees and feel like part of the team.

3) Ask Their Opinion on Matters

Even if they’re only with you for a brief period of time, temporary employees can still bring something unique to the table and potentially be a big asset. That’s why you should actively encourage temps to give feedback and share their opinions on whatever the topic may be. Doing this should make them feel more confident and empowered in their position.

Although temps may not have the same role as permanent employees, they can still be valuable your business. Easing the onboarding process and making them feel comfortable not only makes their lives easier, but also increases the chances of them being successful during their time at your company.

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