You recently had what you thought was a meaningful exchange with a potential employer, and you think that you’ve got a solid chance of landing a new job. Unfortunately, there’s a snag. After what seems like a reasonable period of time, the employer hasn’t responded to your email. In this type of scenario, it can be irritating, anxiety inducing and downright frustrating. Here’s how to handle it and save face.

Wait at Least a Week to Follow Up

People are busier than ever these days – and for many employers, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to respond to every single message that floods their inbox. Keep this in mind if you don’t receive the prompt response that you’re looking for, and be sure to wait a minimum of a week before you follow up.

You should also remember that your concept of time might be drastically different than an employer’s when it comes to responding. For example, one day may seem excruciatingly long for you, but may seem like no big deal to an employer. Just remember that an immediate response isn’t necessarily a bad thing; so don’t take it personally.

Avoid Fridays and Monday Mornings to Follow Up

Fridays and Monday mornings are arguably the worst possible times to contact someone. That’s because they may have one foot out of the office and ready for the weekend on a Friday – and many people have a “weekend hangover” on Monday where it takes a little while to get their neurons firing again. Take this into consideration when following up.

Give the Employer an Easy “Opt-Out”

One great piece of advice comes from Gail Davis, who is the senior account director at the Catchpole Corporation. She suggests giving an employer an easy “opt-out,” which basically means failing to respond equals a lack of interest, so you can both go on about your business without a lot of drama. Davis suggests saying something like; “I sent you an email last month regarding matter X and just wanted to close the loop. If I don’t hear otherwise from you, I’ll assume it’s not a fit.”

Consider Using an Email Tracker

An email tracker like Sidekick from HubSpot is a great tool to have at your disposal and will keep you updated on who’s opened your email and at what time. This is simple to install and will alert when whenever someone opens an email you send them. That way, if you see that an employer has opened an email but fails to respond, then it’s probably best to move on.

Not getting a response can no doubt be annoying and stressful. But by practicing proper etiquette and making the right moves, you can make it less painful and hopefully get in touch with an employer within a reasonable period of time.

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