For almost any business to function at a high level and experience long-term success, it’s necessary to have a strong leader at the helm. When you look at some of the top companies in the world such as Apple, Amazon and Google, they all have one thing in common: Competent leaders. Let’s now examine four common traits that successful leaders possess, and how to adopt these traits.

1) Self Confidence

Confidence is arguably the most important trait a leader will possess – and without it, it’s hard to gain any real traction. Although it’s human nature to be concerned or even worried at times, a successful leader is able to persevere and never lose confidence in their abilities. Whenever setbacks inevitably occur, they’re able to weather the storm and keep moving forward.

Their confidence is often contagious, so others can lean on them and become empowered by seeking their advice or guidance, which keeps a company going strong — no matter what challenges come along. You can increase your self confidence by striving to be more positive, practicing confident body language and being more prepared.

2) Decisiveness

Successful leaders are also able to make a decision and stand firm. Rarely do they second-guess themselves once they commit to a decision, and they’re not afraid to stick to their guns even if it’s not always popular with everyone. They’re able to see the big picture and understand what’s in the best interest of their company, and make their decisions accordingly.

In addition, they’re usually swift in their thought process and able to quickly make decisions — without being overly impulsive. One of the best ways to become more decisive is to follow your instinct and go with what you feel is best for business. You’ll inevitably make mistakes, but you shouldn’t let the fear of making them inhibit your performance as a leader.

3) Social Awareness

These individuals have a knack for understanding the personalities and working styles of their employees. They’re able to communicate effectively with all types of people, and possess solid interpersonal skills. On top of this, they are adept at reading body language and picking up on subtle cues that might not be obvious to your average person. Simply put, successful leaders have high emotional intelligence.

There are a few ways to become more socially aware, including:

  • Working on your listening skills
  • Striving to become more empathetic
  • Studying various aspects of psychology

4) Enthusiasm

Finally, more often than not, leaders are genuinely enthusiastic about their job. They have an optimistic outlook on things, and are “glass half full” rather than “half empty” type thinkers. This is important because their enthusiasm can help sustain the rest of a company when things are looking down, and they can serve as a motivating force that boosts productivity.

A large part of being optimistic relies on choosing to focus on the positives instead of the negatives. It’s also important to turn mistakes into learning opportunities so you keep progressing and aren’t filled with regret.

There are some aspects of leadership that are innate and come naturally. However, there are multiple ways to become a more effective leader and maximize your own potential. Visit us today for more helpful resources on fine-tuning your leadership skills and better managing your workforce.

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