Q4, and the holiday season in particular, are often a busy time for many businesses where they may struggle to keep up with consumer demand. To compound the problem, it’s common for permanent employees to request time off so they can travel, spend time with family and friends, etc. As a result, it can create a lot of stress and complications trying to cover the workload. One solution that you may want to consider is hiring temporary employees. Supplementing your staff with temporary employees offers three distinct benefits.

1) Help Reduce Staff Stress

When it’s clear that there’s insufficient manpower, it can be very taxing on your staff, and they’re more likely to experience exhaustion and burnout. In turn, this can be a major detriment to your overall productivity, and potentially create some ill will within your workforce. However, hiring temporary workers should ensure that most-if not all-of your shifts are adequately staffed and there are no gaps in manpower.

When staff stress is reduced, your permanent employees can focus on their core responsibilities, perform their jobs with greater ease, and won’t be spread too thin. The end result should be lower levels of stress and increased productivity. Not to mention, you can improve your customer/client experience as well.

2) Allow Schedule Flexibility for Permanent Staff

If you expect to maintain good rapport with your workers and minimize your turnover rate, it’s important to accommodate their needs and grant them time off when they need it. Generally speaking, there are two times of the year when it’s most common to receive time-off requests – during the summer and during the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in particular.

These time off requests are why it’s smart to be realistic and anticipate the fact that you’re likely to have some work gaps during Q4. By having additional manpower available, it allows your permanent staff to have greater flexibility and get the time off they need to create a healthier balance between their work and personal lives.

3) Boost Morale

When you combine the reduced stress with increased flexibility, it should result in your employees being less fatigued and more energized. This is important because it will have a positive impact on overall morale, and your employees can operate at a higher level. Besides having happier employees who experience a deeper sense of job satisfaction, this is beneficial to your business because it often leads to increased productivity and higher profit margins.

When you break it all down, hiring temporary employees during Q4 makes sense on multiple levels. If you expect this to be a chaotic time of year for your business, it’s a good idea to look into some temporary staffing options to keep things on track.

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