As a newly hired employee, there can be a lot going through your head, and making the transition can seem overwhelming. One of the best ways to ease the transition and increase your likelihood of success is to have a mentor guide you through the process and act as a source of wisdom. Here are some specific ways a mentor can help you get ahead and potentially assist in a future job search.

Streamline Onboarding

It usually takes a little while to fully get your bearings at a new job, and you may find yourself confused at times. Having a mentor to turn can get you up to speed on how things work, what’s expected of you, what the company culture is like, etc. They can also shed light on productivity hacks so you can make the most of your time and eventually become a valuable staff member. This way you’re less likely to make critical mistakes, and you’ll be poised for success.

Introduce You to Other Employees

For many people, one of the more difficult aspects of adjusting to a new job involves interactions and getting to know fellow employees. Workplace mentorship is great because your mentor can introduce you to others and help break the ice. In turn, you’re likely to fit in much quicker than if you were on your own, and can start developing relationships right off the bat.

Serve as a Go-to Resource 

Regardless of your talent and skill set, you’re inevitably going to have questions and concerns when settling into a new job. Having a mentor is advantageous because you’ll have at least one person with whom you’ll have rapport who can be your go-to resource when questions arise. Besides helping you work through any obstacles you may encounter, they can provide you with tips and guidance that will make your life much easier and allow you to perform your job at the highest level possible.

Expand Your Network

As the old saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” When building your career, every contact you have can potentially help you get ahead and thrive in your profession. One final benefit of having a mentor is they can often help you expand your network, which can aid you in your future job searches. If you hit it off with your mentor, then you may be able to gain some valuable contacts, which can be a real asset later on down the road.

There are several benefits to having a workplace mentor. Not only can they help you during the initial transition period, they can potentially have a long-term impact and further your career.

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