Gerrit Salinas – Dallas Metro

Gerrit is the Owner/Strategic-Partner of the PrideStaff Dallas Metro office and has worked in the staffing industry for over 17 years. Gerrit joined the PrideStaff team in 2014 as a Vice President Field Consultant, helping new Midwest Strategic-Partners: set strategic business goals; plan how, when and whom to hire; make smart P&L decisions and streamline operations to increase efficiency. Gerrit and his team take the time to uncover what’s really important to clients and candidates. By paying attention to those details, communicating effectively, and holding field associates to higher standards, Gerrit and his team have distinguished themselves as a best-in-class employer and a best-in-class place to do business.

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Mike & Brenda Harkins – Fort Worth

Mike and Brenda are the Owners/Strategic-Partners of the PrideStaff Fort Worth office. Mike spent more than thirty years in corporate America leading and motivating people, teams and organizations. He makes sure people are in roles that maximize their strengths and bring value to the company. Brenda is a life coach and mediator who has spent over twenty years helping individuals discover their talents, grow them into strengths, increase their skills, and strengthen their personal and professional relationships. Both Mike and Brenda consult with companies to help them create strong teams that are needed to reach their goals.

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almondJulie & Mike Almond – Hurst

Julie and Mike are the Owners/Strategic-Partners of the PrideStaff Hurst Office.

After earning a BA in Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources, Julie began a career in retail. As a District Manager she was responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and motivating employees in multiple locations.  Having been responsible for recruiting, training and retaining personnel in his prior occupation, Mike opened a small business consulting firm where he helped entrepreneurs build best practices around the same process that have proven success.

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